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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gone hiking at the Tillamook Spit!

{ Tillamook Spit }

A few weeks ago we took a drive to Tillamook, because I had read online about how there were lots of rivers running through the area, and several boat launches.  Hubby likes to fish, and this is an area of Oregon we hadn't explored much yet, so we made a day trip... and eventually found ourselves here.  Overlooking the Tillamook Spit.  (see the bay on the right, ocean on the left, and jetty straight ahead)  We took this picture from an overlook, not realizing we would end up down there, parking and going for a hike.  I'd call it a long walk actually, but it was beautiful non the less and it was also 8 miles long.  Completely unprepared we did the best we could... only to return the following weekend and do it again.  The second time, we packed water and snacks, but only made it as far as the jetty along the bay side, before we decided to turn around and go back the way we came, rather than do the full loop.  However, I want to do the full loop.  I'm not much of a rugged hiker, but I have always loved walking, add some nature trails into the mix, even better.  I'm not sure when we'll go back but when we do, I will be ready to do the full loop.  No questions asked.  I think I've found a new hobby.  There are nature trails galore around Oregon, and I am now on the search for more of them.

Before we got to the spit though... we were just randomly driving around, following side roads along rivers, just to see where they would take us.  Along the way we came upon this enormous hydrangea farm.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  Sorry the pics aren't so great, I took them while we were driving, but my gosh, it was beautiful.  We even saw them setting up for a wedding, and after a bit of google searching, I found a website with gorgeous photos... It sounds like they are still a very new venue, but I'm sure they will do well once they get their name out there :: Hydrangea Wedding Ranch Tillamook, Oregon.

This summer has been flying by, but we've been busy and enjoying every minute of it.  Getting a few house projects done, a couple of weddings coming up soon, and just the usual digs of summer.  How are things going your way?  Hope all is well!

1 comment:

Angela said...

Everything is so GREEN! I love it. I'm the same way--i'd like to call myself a hiker, but I really just go on lots of loooong nature walks as much as possible.